Homemade Weedguards
Tools / Materials Needed
  • Mason Nylostrand
  • Pliers with Wire Cutters
  • Super Glue
  • Thread
Start thread in the usual way.
Tutorial created by JigCraft member: jjsjigs
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Homemade Weedguards
Place nylostrand through the hook eye.
Tie down guard on top of hook shank. (A little
super glue helps the process)
Take a pair of pliers and bend the nylostrand
to the shape you wish. Then cut off excess
near the hook point with a pair of wire clippers
If your tying a bend-back or a
"bottom-bouncer" fly sometimes a "V"
shaped weedguard works better.

Start the thread as you would a fly.
Repeat the above steps as you would to tie a
guard onto a fly hook then clip to shape