Homemade Vise
Tools / Materials Needed
  • Clothes pin
  • Electrical tape
  • Rubber bands
  • A stick 18 inches long
  • A file
1. First you need to file down the tip of the
clothes pin down so that the whole tip is
pressing together completely.

2. Now file all sides of the clothes pin down at
an angle coming to a point.

3. Now take the clothes pin and tape it to the
top of the stick so that the clothes pin opens
and closes sideways. Tape it back and forth in
an X shape so that it holds the clothes pin
firmly at a slight upward angle.

4. Now take a rubber band and place it around
close to the spring of the pin and make sure
you twist the rubber band and rewrap it untill
tight. Add another 2-3 rubber bands until
desired holding strength.

Now you have a jig/fly tying vice that fits
comfortably in between your legs that you can
use anywhere, and all made simply with
common house held materials.
Tutorial created by JigCraft member: Mack
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How to make a tying vise