UL Chub Minnow
Tools / Materials Needed
  • Custom Chub Minnow Jig (mold by CAT)
  • 1/64th Chub jig
  • Bottom #10 VMC 9147 round bend hook, Left #12 VMC 6147 round bend hook, Right #12 custom
    Matzuo sickle hook
  • Marabou tail, or Mallard flank, or Calf tail with fluorescent red floss and crystal flash
  • 3/0 flat wax thread
  • 2mm 3 D eyes
UL Chub Minnow
Step 1.
Base thread wrap
Step 3.
Marabou fluffs
Step 3.
Jig turned 90º
Step 2.
Tie in fluorescent red
floss and crystal flash
Step 4.
Tie in pre-cut
Step 5.
Start to build
thread body
Step 6.
Return jig to
position and
build up
thread body
Step 7.
Tied off and
ready to apply
Tutorial created by JigCraft member: LedHed
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UL Chub Jig