Tube Jig Hackle
Tools / Materials Needed
  • Do-It Tube Jig
  • 1/32nd Glow-Pink and standard glow powder paint
  • 1/16th Glow-Pink and Black Diamond powder paint
  • #6 VMC round bend hook
  • Tail; Fluorescent pink and grizzly red saddle hackle glow crystal flash accent
  • 6/0 Uni-thread red
Tube Jig Hackle
Step 1.
Base wrap with the glow crystal flash
accent tyed in
Step 2.
Tying in the fluorescent pink saddle
hackle – note the stem has been
trimmed barbles
Step 3.
Spin hackle
Step 3.
Lay hackle to the back using your
fingers and hold in place while you
overlap some of the stem of the feather
fibers with thread.  Tie off your thread
and apply glue or other finish to the
thread neck.
Tutorial created by JigCraft member: LedHed
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Tube Jig Hackle