Hackle Palmer - Woolly Bugger
Tools / Materials Needed
  • Hackle Pliers
  • White Thread
  • #4 Aberdeen Hook (eye bent up slightly)
  • Bead Chain
  • Chenille (white medium & pearl tinsel)
  • Flash (pearl midge flash)
  • Marabou (white)
  • Neck Hackle (badger color)
Start your thread on the hook shank
with very tight wraps and wrap
thread to just in front of the hook
point.  Return the thread wraps to
just in front of the hook eye and tie in
your bead chain eyes with several
figure"8" wraps.  Cut the marabou to
length and tie in.
Hackle Palmer
Woolly Bugger
Tutorial created by JigCraft member: AtticaFish
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Bugger Tuturials
I also added in 2 strands of pearl
midge flash on each side but this is
optional.  At this point you may want
to fill in any lumps to create an even
body to the pattern.
Select a hackle feather and hold the
point of your it.  Run your thumb and
pointer finger of your other hand
back against the fibers of the feather
to fan them out.  Tie in the tip of the
hackle along the hook shank and let
the remaining feather hang out the
Tie in your chenille.  In this example I
used medium white and pearl tinsel.  I
tie the both in and then twist them
together to form one strand of
chenille.  After the chenille is tied in,
wrap the thread up to the bead chain
Wrap the chenille up to the eyes and
lock it down there with a couple
wraps of thread.
Attach your hackle pliers to the butt
end of the feather.  The pliers are not
needed on larger patterns but are
very helpful to keep hold of the
feather as you wrap it forward.  Wrap
your hackle feather up to the front.  
Try to wrap the feather in-between
your wraps of chenille you just made.
Lock the end of the feather down
with a few wraps and trim any
excess.  Wrap your thread over to the
front side of the bead chain and tie
your finish knot.  I usually us 3 half
hitch knots then a whip finish of 3
wraps as well.  You can also use glue
or another thread sealer at this point.  
I simply use clear nail polish.