Marabou Body - Mini Marabou Jig
Tools / Materials Needed
  • #10 - 1/80 oz, or #12 - 1/100 oz Painted
    Tout Head Jig
  • 6/0 Tying Thread
  • Single marabou feather
Tie in thread base.
Marabou Body
Mini Marabou Jig
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Super Simple Mini Bou Jig
Tie in marabou feather.
Pull feather back towards tail
end, and advance thread
forward towards head.
Tightly twist the feather.
Wrap the twisted feather up the shank of the hook to
create the body. Secure the feather with several tight
wraps behind the head.  Trim off excess twisted
feather immediately behind the head. Whip finish.