Split Shot Jig Heads
Tools / Materials Needed
  • Aberdeen hooks
  • Round Lead Split Shot
  • Smooth jaw pliers
  • Bench vise
  • Rasp or file
  • Paint
Start off by using aberdeen hooks in the
size of your choice.  Pictured are #2 on the
left and #1 on the right.  For eye forward jigs,
use pliers to bend the hook eye as shown.  
For traditional jigs, bend the eye to 90
degrees as a regular jig hook.  It may take a
few hooks to get the right length to make
the bend.

The split shot shown here are Water Gremlin
#735-5 on the left and #735-3 on the right.
Split Shot Jig Heads
Tutorial created by JigCraft member: AtticaFish
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Split Shot Jig Heads
This is a way to make custom jigs that have odd size hooks
and weights, you create your own combination.  They can
also be used to make light weight, eye forward jigs with thin
wire hooks shown in this example.  I have found the eye
forward jigs are very effective for swimming jigs as well as
bottom dragging jigs.  The bottoms of the split shots can be
filed down to make a flat surface so they stand up when
sitting on the bottom.
Simply open the split shot wide enough to
fit the hook shank into and crimp it closed
using smooth jaw pliers.  The bottom ones
pictured I also flattened the sides in a bench
vise.  This can be done to place 3D or stick
on eyes.  Use a rasp or file to clean up the
lead or flatten the bottom to make a
stand-up jig.

Caution - use care when filing raw lead.  The
dust will remain on the file or rasp, on your
hands or clothing and is easily blown
around your work area.
Once you have the split shot the shape you
want, you can paint them and add eyes if
you would like.  Used here was different
colors of nail polish then top coated with
Hard as Nails.