Buck Tail Jig
Tools / Materials Needed
  • Jig head.  The simplest way to create this style jig is with a head that has a round lead collar.  
    Jigs without a lead collar can be used, but I would recommend using a thick thread base on the
    hook shank if not tying on a lead collar.
  • Strong tying thread.  The size/weight is your choice but needs to be strong enough to create
    very tight wraps.
  • Deer buck tail.  Other hair can be used to create this style of thread neck jig.
  • Scissors.
  • Razor blade.
  • Head cement or clear nail polish.
  • Flash accent. (Not necessary)
Start off by attaching your thread to the lead
collar of the jig.  Make a single layer of
thread on the collar and return the thread
wraps back to the head of the jig.  Apply a
drop of head cement to help keep the thread
from slipping.
Cut a pinch of deer hair from the tail with your scissors, making the cut
close to the hide of the tail.  The points of the hair (not the ends you cut)
can be evened out to have a thicker end or be left natural to have a more
tapered look.

Hold the pinch of hair up to the jig to determine how long you want the hair
to trail behind the hook.
Grasp the pinch of hair with your other hand to allow you to start
wrapping your thread.  Align it over the hook shank and lead collar where
you want.
Start wrapping your thread with medium pressure and wrap tighter as you go,
keeping the wraps as close to the head as possible.  After 4 to 5 wraps, you
can release the pinch of hair from your fingers and carefully spread the hair
out around the collar.

Once you have the hair spread out, wrap another 4 to 5 wraps using heavy
pressure to keep the hair in place.
This step is only needed if you are creating jigs with multi-colored hair.  I like to
do this in a two step process with one section of hair tied on the bottom and
one on the top to create two color jigs.  If you are trying to mimic a bait fish,
keep in mind that most bait fish have a darker colored back and lighter colored
Tutorial created by JigCraft member: AtticaFish
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Buck Tail Jig