March 2013 SHOWCASE
JigCraft Showcase

There are so many names for this style of lure that blends a spinner bait and traditional jig that it can
make your head spin as fast as the blade on the bait. I won't even get into the legal issues surrounding
the style of lure.  But all the controversy around it lets you know how effective it can be on many
species of fish.  Everyone wants their name on this style of fishing lure.

The black/silver pattern of this tied jig leans towards the natural side, and will catch many fish.  You
can't go wrong by matching the colors of local baitfish in a jig, and this one would be a great match for
many species of shiners, shad, and many other young game fish.

Posted by: Jig Man
THIS THREAD in the JigCraft forum for additional information.
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