January 2013 SHOWCASE
JigCraft Showcase

There has been a recent surge in a specific style of jig here on JigCraft and earned it a place in the
showcase for the month.  The style stems from an excellent article originally posted by member
jiggerjohn (
Vertical jigging Master) about a fellow angler who has honed a near perfect jig for his
personal style of fishing.  The main aspect of the tied jig is the shape that is held by the materials used.  
The complete discussion (in the link above) is a must read.

The jig that member redear tied above is an example of the blend of wool and satin.... with some
additional flash to add a color appeal - perhaps more for human eyes than the fish - but that discussion
is for another day.  I have enjoyed reading about this style of jig and hope to tie some of my own soon.

Posted by: redear
THIS THREAD in the JigCraft forum for additional information.
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