JigCraft Showcase - December 2011

The final showcase for 2011 is a crappie style jig.
There were many outstanding jigs posted in November which made it a difficult decision.
Thanks to all the JigCraft Forum members for a great year!

I decided to go with a 'traditional' style and color....
"Don't need to watch where I'm going, just need to know where I've been..."

This color combination is well known across the United States and has been a 'go-to'
combo in crappie anglers jig box over the last 30+ years...  no matter the name that is used to
describe the pattern.  It is a simple, straight forward and effective design that many
hold much confidence in.  Enough said - you need a few of these in your box!

Posted by: hunter7711
THIS THREAD in the JigCraft forum for additional information.
December 2011 SHOWCASE
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