JigCraft Showcase - November 2011

At nearly the opposite end of the size spectrum from last months 2 oz. creation,
the November Showcase drops in weight down to a 1/32 oz. pill head jig intended for
wintertime crappie.  Many anglers downsize baits during cooler months to slow
the fall of the jig and give an overall smaller profile.

This jig was tied with a Flo. Green hackle tail, Baitfish chenille and a custom mixed
powder paint on the head.  The result has a nice mix of natural colors from the Baitfish chenille
and popular 'attractor' colors with the chartreuse head and tail to make an excellent combination.
Nice work Radtexan!

Posted by: Radtexan
THIS THREAD in the JigCraft forum for additional information.
November 2011 SHOWCASE
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