UL Bumble Bee Tutorial
Tying in crystal flash and laying down
thread base
A real quick to tye and effective jig that crosses over into fly fishing.

Tools / Materials Needed
  • 1/80th & 1/100th jig - #12 Custom Matzuo sickle hook & #12-#10 VMC jig hook
  • Tropical black powder paint & black fingernail polish
  • 8/0 black thread
  • Body; Custom dyed yellow grizzly Hoffman saddle hackle and Hoffman black saddle
  • Tail; Black Crystal flash
UL Bumble Bee
Tutorial created by JigCraft member: LedHed
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UL Bumble Bee
Tying on yellow grizzly saddle hackle
Tye off yellow grizzly and add the
black hackle
Wrap the black hackle up to the head.  Tye off and
whip finish
The 1/100th round bend is pretty much the same but on a smaller scale