Tube Mimic - Sili Leg
Tools / Materials Needed
  • Head: Water Gremlin 735-3 Round
    Split Shot Crimped on an Eagle Claw
    60 Degree Bend 410 O'Shaughnessy
    Jig Hook - Size #1 (est. wt. 3/16 oz.)
  • Paint: Top to Bottom, Copperhead /
    Watermelon Flake / Chartreuse
  • Thread: Black
  • Under-body: Black Nylon Canvas Yarn
  • Body: Twisted Lion Brand Basil &
    Large Orange Cactus Chenilles
  • Silicone Strips: Avocado w/ Black
    Flake & Brown w/ Orange Flake
Tube Mimic - Sili Leg
My personal smallmouth jig box has these tube mimics
in many different color combinations but most are tied
in dark/drab colors.  The selection of silicone skirt
colors is endless. They can also be tied with lighter
weight heads and in any color combination for
crappie, bluegill or any other gamefish.
#1 - Create the body shape

(A) Start your thread then (B) tie in a
piece of the canvas yarn at the back
and wrap your thread up to
the jig head.
(C) Tightly wrap the yarn around the
shank up to the head and secure it
with thread wraps.
(D) Wrap the yarn back down the
shank but stop the wraps before you
get to the end of your original yarn
wrap and secure it again
with thread wraps.
(E) Wrap the yarn towards the head
and again stop before you get to the
head and secure it with thread.
(F) Wrap the thread back down to near
the middle of the body and secure it
once more with thread and trim
off the excess yarn.
(G) Make tight thread wraps over the
entire yarn body to make sure it is all
in place and will not slip.
You should have a body that
tapers both back towards the
hook bend and tapers towards
the head as well.  You can adjust
the size of the body but keep in
mind that you will be tying in
other materials and wrapping
chenille, you don't want to
create your body too large or
you will loose hook gap after
adding your other materials.

Silicone skirt tabs were used for
this tutorial but individual
silicone or rubber strips can be
used as well.  The skirts have 20
individual strips and they were
split in 2 equal parts here.

Lay 1 end of the split skirt tab near
the center of the body.  Try to
spread the tab end around the
body as best as possible and
secure with several thread wraps.

Flip the jig in your vise and do the same
on the opposite side of the body using
the other end of the skirt tab.  Once all
the legs are spread around the body,
pull them back (towards the bend) in a
group and wrap your thread down to
where your yarn body stops.  Be careful
to not wrap your thread too tight over
the silicone material at the end of the
body, this may cut off some of your
silicone.  The wraps at the very end
should be a little looser but the rest
should be tight.

In this example, 2 colors of skirt were used.  
Lay the 2nd color silicone tab on the body in
a slightly different spot this time so you
don't create a large bump in the middle of
the body.  Use your first thread wraps to
secure the tab and spread the material then
pull it in a group towards the back and wrap
your thread to the end of the body the same
as the previous step.  Again, do not wrap
your thread too tight at the end of the body.

Tip: If you can adjust your bobbin cradle, use
it to hold the loop of silicone you added in
the previous step and keep it out of your

Tie in your chenille at the back of the
body.  2 colors were used here and
twisted together.  Wrap the chenille
tightly around the body up to the head.  
Secure it with your thread and make your
finish knot.

You can now take the jig out of your vise and trim the
silicone to the desired length.

I trimmed the cactus chenille to keep the tapered
shape on this one.  The cactus chenille twisted in
gives the regular chenille a little flash and contrasting

When I trim the silicone, I also like to leave different
lengths.  As seen below, 2 strips of the brown silicone
on each side were left longer.  You can cut and trim
them to your own personal preference
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Tube Mimic - Sili Leg
1/4th oz.
1/8 oz.
1/32 oz.
Socket Pill Head