Simple Bugger Jig
Tools / Materials Needed
  • Hackle Pliers
  • Black Thread
  • 1/16th oz. jig
  • Chenille (black medium)
  • Flash (silver/black flashabou)
  • Marabou (dun)
  • Hackle (grizzly)
Wrap your thread base and tie in
marabou and flash material is desired.
Simple Bugger Jig
Tutorial created by JigCraft member: AtticaFish
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Bugger Tuturials
Tie in the hackle feathers and
chenille.  Wrap thread up to the jig
Wrap the chenille up to the jig head
and lock down with a few wraps of
thread.  Then palmer your hackle
feather up the same way and lock
down with more wraps of thread.
Tie your finish knot and glue if
desired.  On this tutorial, i used 2
hackle feathers, but that is only my
preference.  I usually use 2 for jig and
only 1 feather if tying a woolly bugger
fly.  For more information on
palmering the hackle, please see the
Hackle palmer - Woolly bugger