Tools / Materials Needed
  • Black Thread
  • Black marabou feather tip
  • Dark colored hackle (small dry fly
    hackle was used here but saddle
    hackle could be used as well)
  • Dark brown straw raffia
  • Jig head of your choice.  (used in
    this example is a custom made jig of
    a Water Gremlin #735-7shot with a
    flat bottom on a #6 aberdeen hook)
Create the tail using
the tip of a marabou
feather.  Strip the
fibers from the
center feather vein
and tie them down
as one bunch.
Tutorial created by JigCraft member: AtticaFish
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Tie in 2 pieces of raffia, one on the top
side of the jig and one on the bottom.  
Be sure they are separated top and
bottom so there is room for the hackle
to stick through later.  They need to
be long enough to be bent up past
the head of the jig.
Tie in a hackle feather at the back
of the jig and wrap your thread up
to the head.
Palmer the hackle feather to the
head and tie it down.  Your thread
needs to be wrapped back to the
point where the 1st body segment
will be.  To prevent your hackle
fibers from being tied and wrapped
down, you have to rock (see pic
below) your bobbin back and forth
as you are wrapping your thread
back.  As the body segments are
being tied, you will have to
continue doing this as you are
wrapping thread over your
palmered body.
Use this 'rocking' motion as you are
wrapping your thread over the
body and making the segments in
the next steps.  A few fibers will still
be trapped down but this does help
a lot to keep most of them standing