Flash Duck Tutorial
Starting at head, wrap
thread back almost to bend and back
to head building a thread base so
feathers don't slide later as my first
few did after some gills hit.
I turned back time a little with these,almost 15 years.
First crappie on one of my tied jigs was a duck feather without flash and crappie ate
the feathers off. These are tied on 1/64 #8 dart jigs,70 ultra thread,trimmed
mallard flank with 4-5 strands of midgeflash.
Flash Duck
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Simple Flash Duck
Turn jig over, hook
pointing up and slide flank
feather tips between the
hook,tie down and trim.  One
feather is usually all you need.
Turn over and if there are any gaps
or hook showing trim off a small piece
of feather and fill in.
Add the flash, your
choice,build a thread base
and tie off.
It took 33 minutes to tie 15 so they are very
easy to do and the crappie and gills love
them. These are best tied on jigs with size 6-8
hooks, any style jig head will work.