Egg Eating Bunker Minnow
Tools / Materials Needed
  • 1/64 oz round headed collarless jig,
  • 6/0 white tying thread
  • Chartreuse Krystal Flash
  • One 4" strand of black yarn, unravelled.
  • One or two 4" strands of chartreuse
    yarn, unravelled.
  • One or two 4" strands of white yarn,
  • 1/8" holographic eyes, chartreuse.
  • Super glue.
Tie in several strands
of Krystal Flash.
Egg Eating
Bunker Minnow
Tutorial created by JigCraft member: JoJoPro
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Egg Eating Bunker Minnow
#2: Pull apart the yarn into
individual fibers.
Tie in clump of chartreuse yarn
so that the middle of the clump
is immediately behind the jig
head. Make the minimum
amount of wraps possible to
keep the "minnow's" nose as
close to the "egg" as possible.
Pull the clump of yarn near the
head end back over the tail
end. Make a couple more tight
thread wraps between 'nose'
and 'egg'
Tie in the white 'under body'
yarn over top of the chartreuse
yarn the same way as was
done in step 3.
This is simply a bunker minnow fly pattern tied onto a jig head. The idea is that it is supposed
to immitate a minnow eating a salmon or trout egg. I use it for steelhead, as eggs and minnows
are two of steelheads' favorite foods. Of course this pattern could be tied up in any trio of
colors, or two colors, or one.
Repeat step 4 with the white yarn.
Tie in the clump of black yarn the
same way as in steps 3 and 5.
Double back the clump of
black yarn as was done in
steps 4 and 6 then whip
Use your thumb and
fore-finger to gently pull the
yarn fibers into the shape of
a minnow's head.  While still
holding the material in this
position, apply super glue so
that the whole "minnow"
head is saturated. Take great
care not to glue your thumb
or finger to the yarn!!!
While the glue is still wet apply the
holographic eyes. Keep holding the
yarn in position until the head has