Deadly Duo
Tools / Materials Needed
  • Pliers
  • #12 roller swivel,(crane swivels can be subbed)
  • 1/32 custom pillhead with 4mm 3-D eyes
  • ULTRA Thread 70 Yellow
  • Chartreuse Polar Flash
  • Natural mallard flank feathers
  • #1/0 split rings and #00 hammered Indiana blade
After tying in the swivel using the tailspin installation the next step is tying in the flash. A flat
material works best because you will be wrapping material along shank. The best material I've
used is Sparkleflash which is hard to find now so I'm using Polarflash which works just as
well.Barlow's and CAT carry it.
Deadly Duo
Tutorial created by JigCraft member: JungleJim1
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Deadly Duo
Select 5-10 strands of Polarflash and
pull softly from hank. Tie in at the head
using 4-5 tight wraps about 1 1/2
inches from the tip.
Take the other end and do the
same. You should now have a loop.
Pull loop back towards the swivel
wrapping thread back to the
swivel,add a few wraps to secure and
return thread to the head.
This is where a rotary vise
comes in handy. Take the
flash which should be at
swivel now and wrap it around
the hook shank back up to the
When you reach head there should be
about the same length of the flash loop
remaining as when you first tied it
in,now secure it with several wraps at
head.  Don't let go of flash until after it
is securely tied in at head or you will
have a mess.
Grab all the flash and
pull it back towards the
bend of the jig and tie it
down at head. Trim the
flash to desired length
which is a little past the
end of the swivel.

After tying in the flash
jig should look
something like this.