Paint the jig head the color of
your choice, start a thread base,
and tie in some bucktail or hair
of your choice.
Prepare the eyes: I used 30 lb red mono . Put the
mono near a heat source (I used my alcohol lamp)
keep rotating the mono getting it near the heat then
backing out until you get the eyes to your liking.
Tie in your eyes so they
are facing down towards
the hook.
Tie in your claw material, I
used orange rabbit strips for
this tutorial.
Tie in on each side to create the
claws separated by the bucktail in
the center.
Wrap back towards the head,
and apply head cement or
your choice to lock it in.
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Tie in rubber
tentacles of your
Tie in flash of your
choice, I used one
doubled strand of
Tie in your chenille, wrap the chenille, and whip finish