CK3 Pattern
Tying in crystal flash
This pattern is tyed in honor of CK3 - a great tyer – moderator – and friend.

Tools / Materials Needed
  • Custom 1/32nd football jig - #8 Matzuo Black Chrome sickle hook
  • Custom olive/chartreuse & custom brown/fire orange powder paint mixes
  • 6/0 olive & brown thread
  • Body; #19 Green damsel and #17 Rusty orange Hairline dubbing
  • Tail; Lime green & copper Crystal flash
  • Dyed green/yellow & brown/orange flank feathers
  • Stick-um candle adhesive for dubbing wax
CK3 Pattern
Tutorial created by JigCraft member: LedHed
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CK3 Tutorial
Laying down thread base
Tying on flank feathers
After laying down another base
tye off with a half hitch
Add wax to thread