Chub Belly Spin
Tools / Materials Needed
  • ~1/24th Chub jig – collar trimmed
  • #6 Matzuo Sickle black hook
  • Tail; Fluorescent red floss, pearl crystal flash, and marabou
  • #14 roller swivel and 00 willow blade
Chub Belly Spin
Step 1.
Base thread wrap with the swivel facing
down.  The eye of the swivel was
pinched to make it oval before it was
put on the hook.
Step 2.
Tie in fluorescent red floss and
crystal flash.
Step 3.
Reverse the jig 90º, slide the swivel
down again, and then lash it on with
figure eights.
Tutorial created by JigCraft member: LedHed
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Chub Belly Spinner