Blurple Bunny
Tools / Materials Needed

  • 1/4 oz.shaky head with a 4/0 60 degree
    reverse barb jig hook,teflon coated
  • Purple skirt tab
  • Purple krystal flash
  • Black and purple grizzly cape hackle
  • Purple and black crosscut bunny strips

Head was painted using custom black flash
with a neon purple overcoat. Thread used
was Danville 140 purple.
Build a thread base and tie 5 strands of
silicone skirt material in at the end of the collar
wrapping to the bend. Add purple flash using
4-5 wraps.
Blurple Bunny
Tie in two black and one purple grizzly in
on one side, turn over and do the same
to the other side.
Wrap all materials up to collar and tie off there.
Tie the purple crosscut bunny in starting at the
collar and tying back almost to where the hackle
starts, Return thread to end of collar. Palmer
wrap the bunny up to the collar, make several
tight wraps securing the rabbit there and clip the
Wrap your thread up the towards the head and tie
in black bunny strip bringing it to where the purple
ends, then return thread to head
Palmer wrap the black bunny up to head, secure with
several tight wraps, clip black bunny, build up your
thread collar, tie off and finish with clearcoat of your
I did a second jig starting with the black bunny strips and finishing with the purple. I use rabbit quite a bit,
but this is my first jig palmering two colors of rabbit on a jig to make the two-tone effect. I like how it
turned out and will have to do some more color combinations.
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Blurple Bunny
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